Mr.T.P.Singh, Director,
FLIR Systems India
ENGINEERING REVIEW magazine is one of the good magazine in terms of quality of contents & reach. It is also effective medium to reach out the target audience & also provides timely sales leads through various activities it conducts. We are happy to be associated with it for long-term basis.

MACHINE TOOLS WORLD is a well orgnaised, high quality content magazine and we are very happy to be part of this platform. I appreciate efforts of team MTW and wish them great success.

Ms.Samina Khalid, Marketing Expert,
As one of the leading industry magazines, ER always keep their pages open to the many-fold opinions of industry leaders and specialists. To learn what other players or customers think – it makes ER magazine an important platform of exchange for us, whether it be interviews, guest articles or background explanations on an industry topic. I look forward to every issue of the ER for its in-depth analysis and thought-provoking perspective on the problems that matter in the machine tool industry. In an age of information overload, ER magazine is one of the few reliable sources on the Machine tool industry

Mr. V. Gokuldas, Managing Director,
HRS Process Systems Limited. (Asia Division)
Over the years Engineering Review has grown to become a key publication for promoting innovative products and technology. Your magazine has enabled industries expand reach to the right target audience and enable knowledge sharing which in turn adds value to readers. We appreciate the efforts of the Engineering Review team for always suggesting better ideas to showcase our technology. Wishing you all the best for the launch of this new portal !

Mr. Jay Shah, Executive Director,
Essential Power Transmission Pvt. Ltd.
Essential Power Transmission Pvt. Ltd. has been associated with Engineering Review Magazine for more than 2 years. Engineering Review publishes excellent technical articles which acquaints the readers with the latest industrial trends. We are extremely satisfied with the service offered by the Engg Review team and will continue to offer our support in the future.
A.P. Jayanthram, Consultant, Grob Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd.
A.P. Jayanthram, Consultant,
Grob Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd.
MACHINE TOOLS WORLD satisfies the national manufacturing community’s need. Why do organisations process information? It is to reduce uncertainty and ambiguity. Machine Tools World satisfies the national manufacturing community’s need to know what matters in machining technology and how it will affect their business. Best practice case studies from leaders as opposed to ‘just enough’ solutions will help build the bond. Small custom gatherings bringing the most innovative Indian companies and global technology leaders will spur communication and create rich and relevant content. Content will need frequent updating as product life cycles are getting shorter.
B. P. Poddar, Sr. Vice President, FEMCO Fatty Tuna Indian Pvt. Ltd.
B. P. Poddar, Sr. Vice President,
FEMCO Fatty Tuna Indian Pvt. Ltd.
MACHINE TOOLS WORLD is comprehensive magazine giving insights on Machine Tools & Manufacturing Engineering world. Content selection, layout and presentations of information are of extremely high standards. Their coverage of various events and during exhibitions are throwing light on various relevant technologies. They have set very high standards for themselves and raising the bar with every issue. I am keen reader of this magazine and enthusiastically await for next issues. I wish great success to Machine Tool World Magazine and their entire team – Publisher, CEO, Editors, Designers & Marketing Team.
H Madhusudan, Managing Director, Hosabettu Heavy Machinery
H Madhusudan, Managing Director,
Hosabettu Heavy Machinery
When we started the business in machine tools, we were trying to find out which is the best magazine to advertise our range products which is cost effective as well as has good reach. We chose MTW and started giving advertisement in this magazine only.

We were quite surprised with the enquiries received from unexpected towns and when we checked how they came to know about us, they said due to reading the magazine MTW.

The quality of the printing, magazine contents are quite interesting and informative and rates are also competitive. Therefore my experience with MTW is praiseworthy.

S M Bhat, Managing Director,
Ador Welding Limited .
The magazine is quite informative, I read Machine Tools World regularly. I find the content is quite informative. The magazine is progressive and in line with the latest technologies as covered in the Technology section. The section on people has some inspiring stories too.

I am of the view that you should do a follow-up story on the technological innovations covered in the magazine in the past editions (say 6 to 12 months back) like where they are today and what they will be in the future. Sector-wise growth outlook of the industry – quarterly or half yearly should also be included. A section on welding automation and profile cutting (CNC- based gas and plasma) is also desirable.
A.P. Jayanthram, Consultant, Grob Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd.
N. Srinivasan, Director,
Bright Burnishing Tools Pvt. Ltd
MACHINE TOOLS WORLD Magazine is very informative, At first I would like to congratulate you and your team for the successful 3rd Year Anniversary of Machine Tools World.

The MTW Magazine is very informative and the presentation is well organized into different categories like Business News, Industry Speak, etc., with colour coding for easy access. The content is rich and very much relevant and up-to-date to the machining community.

Wish you good luck for the future of the publication.